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It helps me save time and money!

Very useful! I have a 2 years Golden retriever and she need a shower every week. I used to take her to a pet store for self-wash and it cost 20 bucks everytime. It saves me time and money to do it myself at home! Plus, this one is easy to use and dry her hair within 8 minutes or less. Highly recommended and worth every dollar of it!

Impressed, great quality, great price!

Amazing !! Compact and super powerful.
The attachments are perfect. I would recommend this dryer to anyone looking for a good quality, works as great as the biggest more expensive alternatives.

Excellent dryer

Very durable and exceeded my expectations.


Very impressed with his product. Durable. Ust got done using it. dried my Rottweiler and half the time then the other dryer I had.

Great product!

We have a Samoyed puppy. And this dog dryer has enough power to dry my puppy fast. We are satisfied with this product!!!!

Budget dryer is great.

This thing dries my bully mix in 10mins and my husky in about 30mins.For the price this dryer is amazing.Saving up for more industrial dryer but this one does magic for the price.

Love this!

Beautiful product! Came with lots of attachments, instruction booklet, and easy to use! I am very excited to use this on more dogs. Thank you for such a great product!

Blow away that Fur

Our dog was a hot mess fur sticking to everything in clumps !! Used the blower and now he is looking like a pretty dog again !!! 10000/10 would recommend !!!

Great to blow a Huskies Coat

I use it to blow the coat on my Husky. All the loose hair comes right out. Very powerful. Worth the money

No more undercoat messes!

This dryer is AMAZING. I can’t speak to the drying power because we don’t use it for our dog’s bath time, but if you are looking for a blower to blow out the undercoat of a heavy shedder BUY IT. Shedding in the house is kept to a minimum now and our pup looks nice and fluffy. Super sturdy and durable. Very happy that we bought this.

Fast dry

My dog normally bites air dryer so does this one, but it's quick dry for poodle body, it only takes 15 mins to dry my poodle's body. The power is enough and the noise level is normal for the dryer, my dog won't be panic with it.

Dries fast and isn't too loud

I love it. What used to take me 1 1/2 hours, took me 35 minutes today. The old hair dryer is in the trash. It has an adjustment for the air flow - at full out, it is very powerful. I expected it to be noisier, but it is very quiet (compared to the dryer I was using) and best of all, it dries fast. It left Lizzie's coat fluffy, shiny, and just as beautiful as taking her to the groomer. I will save a lot of money with this machine. I keep it on a shelf below where I groom the dogs; the hose is long enough that I don't have to move the unit during use. I am extremely satisfied.

Good quality

Powerful dryer, good quality. Love the heat/no heat options! This dryer makes drying our poodles and huskies so much easier.

Works great

This works great. I have a husky and a lab and it works well at blowing the undercoat on my husky and cuts drying time considerably. Not much loader than a blow dryer so the noise does not bother either of my dogs .. great product

It does the best job!

I love this product! My dog, Bichon frise has a hard time drying her hair after a bath and get the texture of professional groomer quality. I used a usual hair dryer and didn't get this quality( fluffy and smooth). I should have had this long ago! This is very a satisfying grooming dryer. It only took 10 mins to completely dry my dog. Thank you!

5.0 out of 5 stars faster drying time and compact size

This small compact size pet dryer is very affordable and durable. It is very small you can fit under your bedroom room cabinet. Fast drying time to get your pet's hair dry up. It's pretty quiet and not to worry woke up your roommate. My Cat's is very thin and soft. This device is amazing. It dry up her hair smooth like silk and fast. I recommend this product. With this device i felt like i am a professional groomer.

Great quality and unbelievable power

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this item. Part of me expected it to be cheap plastic with a low grade hose but in fact the dryer is very sturdy and the hose is thick and durable. The power that this motor puts out is quite substantial, easily several times more powerful than a human hair dryer. While not super quiet, it really isn't that bad in terms of noise. It took me about 20 minutes to dry my Goldendoodle and he was puffy just like when he gets home from the groomer. Great product!


I am SUPER happy with my purchase! I was a dog groomer before becoming a stay at home mom. After having my kids, I took my boy to the self serve dog wash just because they had a dryer there that I could use. After going so often I finally decided to just purchase my own dryer and I am so happy I did! Works fabulous, has a heat setting and a speed dial to choose just about any speed you want. Much more convenient then just a high and low setting. It came with 4 different attachments, one of which I had never seen before! I highly recommend this dryer.

Very powerful and user friendly

The dryer is very powerful and user friendly. It’s easy to use and can change different head sets to blow the hair. My pup is a 83lbs rescued Labrador Shepard mix with medium thick coat (especially on the butt). And it drys her in about 15mins. It’s not noisy as I thought, actually same level with dyson.

Easy to use with one hand/ better drying power than a hair dryer

I bought this hairdryer because I have a cockapoo that is very anxious. I wanted to be able to dry him in half the time. The drying power is much better than a blow dryer. It is made of a very solid construction with a steel canister. I love this dryer because it’s easy to put together and operate with one hand. I don’t have to worry about the heat burning him, because it gets to a nice comfortable temperature that is not too hot. The noise level is acceptable for my nervous dog, and it’s very easy to go up and down on the speed with one hand. I recommend this dryer and I am so happy that I bought it!

we like it!!

My fur baby really likes it! Previous drying her need to take us almost an hour since she struggled with the hair dryer. She only can sit down there less than a half hour after that she lost patience ,so we have to chase her for drying. Now she enjoys .This stuff save us a lot time , the temperature and the power are good, the drying can be finished in 20mins and she could sit down well until the drying finished.

Amazing for double coats!

I have an akbash/great Pyrenees mix and a border collie. Both are currently tly blowing their coats.
Once this blower arrived I decided to test it out and it worked great! My akblash is a rescue who is scared of loud sounds, always a work in progress, and it didn't take him to long to accept it. My border collie didn't mind, but he is pampered and loves that it had a heat setting!

Excellent Dryer!

If you have a dog with a double coat just buy it! Your life will be 10 times easier! I’m not sure how I’ve gone 12 years owning an Alaskan malamute and not having one of these. Professional quality!