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High Velocity Air Forced Dog Dryer 4.3HP Motor Stepless Adjustable Speed and Temperature, GM-01

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AIIYME 4.3HP 3200W Stepless Adjustable Speed Dog Hair Dryer Pet Hair Force Dryer Pet Dog Grooming Dryer Blower with Heater


Motor: Single Motor

Output: 500W-3200W

Voltage: AC 110V/120V

Wind Speed: 25M/S-75M/S(Adjustable)

Rated Frequency: 60HZ

Temperature: 35℃-70℃(Adjustable)

Color: Black

Noise: ≦50dB

Weight: 9.25 Pounds

Dimensions: 14.57*9.44*7.08 Inches

Four Nozzle & 78inch Flexible Hose

Wide Nozzle: Whole body blowing, recommended for hot days.

Narrow Nozzle: Partial drying.

Round Nozzle : Making hair fluffy, recommend for cold days.

Brush Nozzle: Making hair smooth, shaping your pets.

Flexible Hose: Extented hose up to 78inches, it is very handy to use.

1. If the hose is dropped, note that it is not damaged. Please rotate counterclockwise to install again. The hose installation video on the detail page is available for reference.

Copper Core Motor, More Secure


Isolation Net

Strong Stability

3200W High Power

High Temperature Resistance

Thickened Filter & Anti-slip Device

Thickened filter can resist debris inhalation, reduce machine failure and increase the service life.

Anti-slip device at the bottom of the water blower to prevent it from falling. It can avoid scratching the floor and protecting the floor material.

1. Loosen the screw counterclockwise to disassemble the filter, and tighten the screw clockwise to install the filter.

2.The filter removal and installation video on the detail page is available for reference.

4.3HP 3200W High Velocity Professional Grooming Dryer

1. Changeable Temperature Range: 35°-70°C(95°F-158°F), four seasons available.

2. Stepless Adjustable Airflow Speed: 25M/S-75M/S, satisfy all dry need.

3. Turn on the heat button,then adjust the temperature through the speed button.

Package List:

1 x Pet Dog Dryer

4 x Nozzles

1x Manual

1 x Flexible Hose(can be expanded to 78 inches)