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About AiiYME

Founded in 2020, AIIYME is a professional brand of home pet care products, with a product R & D center and production base in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, as well as a trade service center in New York.

The AIIYME brand has a professional team of over 20 years of experience in R & D, design, production, and service of pet products.

Mastering the international advanced technology and integrated into the pet care concept of "take care with heart and accompany with love". Respect and care for the pet life habits and behavior preferences, perceive the pet life experience, and explore the companion relationship between people and pets. Create a scene-oriented, full-dimensional life model for people and pets. Realize the productization of the symbiotic relationship between people and pets with the help of the concept of symbiosis. Ensure the physical and mental health of pets, and enhance the experience of human and pet companionship.

Nowadays, AIIYME has officially entered the United States market, providing tens of millions of pet families with home pet care products that are more meet pet needs, fashionable and smart.